Request for setting to turn off sentence case/all capital letters

Hey guys! I do editorial work in Dropbox and my company does not use sentence case/capitals for edits. I wanted to know if a feature could be installed that gave the option to turn off sentence case or completely disabled any capital letters in dictation. Either or both would be extremely helpful for me, especially because sometimes random words get capitalized in dictation, especially if they sound like some kind of title (Emperor of Darkness, Twist of Fate, etc.). This would save me a lot of time, and I would really appreciate it!

Note: In some programs, sentence case does not automatically happen with dictation (i.e. Google Docs). I’m not really sure why this is, but it might be nice to have the opposite as well, because I do use sentence case when writing long-form in Google Docs.


Welcome @Sophia_Vaccaro! We’ve put this in as a feature request and will keep you updated!

amazing! thank you! def keep me updated. adding the ability to customize caps (i.e. all instances if I, I’ve, I’m) would be great too!