Select command...Having trouble using

For some reason, I am unable to use the select text command. The select text command only works if I’m saying something like “select previous two words.” Maybe there is something that I really don’t understand about the editing functions. I’m really having a difficult time using them and instead resort to doing long dictation using dragon. The dictation that I’m doing is in Gmail and the lip surf forum.

How are you trying to use it? If I say “select are you” here it selects “are you”.

Hi Miko. I’m trying to use the select command in just that way. Any time I try to select a specific text, I will see the words being recorded in the status bar. However, no text gets selected.

Are you sure you’re in dictation mode? Screenshot or screencast?

Hi Miko. You’re right. I was in normal mode. I tried using the select command in dictation mode and had some success. However, I find the command only works about 50% of the time. For some reason, I am having speech recognition issues. Lipsurf will often dictate something other than what I have said. I also use Dragon and I’m not having major issues with recognition. So, I don’t think it’s my hardware. Also, when I am able to select a word, I am unable to dictate over that selection.

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