Shortcuts interfere with each other

I have 2 shortcuts:

  1. go to trello dot com
  2. go to

When I use shortcut 2, it inserts shortcut 1, breaking it.
e.g. go to www.go to

What are the phrases that you mapped for the shortcuts? That’s the part that matters.

The phrases are:

  1. Website board
  2. Trello

When I use shortcut 1, it shortcut 2 interferes, and instead of it creates

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That makes sense. We’re going to add an option next to the regex, and case-sensitivity buttons in the custom shortcuts adder for “whole-word” matches that would cover this use-case well.

In the meantime as a workaround, since when you say “Trello” it is capitalized, you can make that custom shortcut case sensitive and it won’t interfere with the other one since it’s lowercased.