Single log in for extension and website

Hello! I have the Chrome extension and I signed up for an account a few days ago, using email. I selected an email address and password for the extension.

Then, today, I came to the forum. I was surprised to find that my email and password with the extension were not recognized on the website. The website said that my email address was not recognized. I needed to create a log in for the website. I ended up using the same email address and password that I used for the extension, but I apparently didn’t have to.

It seems that if I changed the password for the extension, it would not apply to the website, so I could easily get locked out of one?

I think it would be helpful if the log-in information used with the extension (whether email, Sign In With Google, etc), was also valid on the website. Just would be easier to use.

Thank you so much! I love LipSurf!!!

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Thanks for validating this idea, it’s something we’ve had in the plans. We will implement it soon!

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Hi @LauraW this is implemented as of 4.9.0 which was released today! This forum, the website ( and the extension now all share the same login for convenience.

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Thank you so much!!!