(Some) commands not working in Google Sheets

I am having an issue where some of the voice commands do not work in Google Sheets. When I use these commands, LipSurf treats them as dictation, and they are transcribed into whatever cell I happen to be in, rather than executing the command.

If I tell LipSurf “normal mode”, then speak the voice command, it doesn’t dictate. But the words I say just appear at the top of the screen (indicating LipSurf recognizes the command), and still nothing happens.

Some of the commands this is happening with include: (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Undo
  • Down
  • Select cell

I am also unable to use the "Row "or “column” commands. When I speak them, I get an error message that says, “Cannot open the link because the linked sheet is deleted”.

I appreciate any help with this!

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I have confirmed that “undo” doesn’t work on Sheets and filed a bug so we can support this.

“press down” this works if I have a cell selected, but not if I double click a cell (e.g. typing in a cell and there’s a blinking cursor). We can fix this, but can you confirm that’s what you were experiencing and would like fixed?

“Select cell” are you saying e.g. “cell e 9” because that works for me. What happens when you try it. A screencast would be ideal to show us (loom.com is good for this).

Hmm, this works for me. Maybe there’s something peculiar about your sheet. Could you send us a video of you trying this command? If the sheet is private, please email it to us (Contact Us | LipSurf) instead of posting here.

Thank you so much, Miko, for all your time and assistance!

Thank you!!

**I was actually trying “down” rather than “press down”. (The “press down” function works as it appears it would, by going down one line). **
The “down” command is listed in the Help (that pops up in Google Sheets) under the “scroll” section. So I think that speaking “down” should scroll down? By the same amount that “down” scrolls down in other contexts? (such as webpages). When I speak “down”, though, nothing happens

When I speak “cell [x]”, Lipsurf does one of 3 things (lets use cell J77 as an example:

  1. Treats it as dictation. In whichever cell is previously selected, LipSurf types “Sell J-77”.
  2. Recognizes the command correctly (“cell J77” appears at the top of the screen where everything LipSurf hears appears), but then nothing happens, or
  3. Gives the error message “Cannot open the link because the linked sheet is deleted”

I would like to make you a screencast, however, I spend an unbelievable amount of time troubleshooting technology, which is why it takes me so long to respond. Making a screencast takes me an extremely long time.

Okay I will make a screen cast as soon as I have the time. Thank you for all of your time.

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Confirmed in v4.8.1. We’ll get this fixed soon.

I’m not sure where the “Cannot open the link because the linked sheet is deleted” message is coming from, but as far as the “Sell J-77” misrecognition error, that’s something that we have a fix for in the works. Basically the fix involves making commands more restricted and accurate when in normal mode and we can assume users are more likely saying valid commands.