Spaces, periods, and capitalization

I’ve been using LipSurf for about 2 or 3 years now . lately there’s been a few consistent and annoying challenges . the first is that (as you can see) , LipSurf consistently puts an extra space before the period and the sentence . it also neglects to as the first word of a new sentence . I’m dictating this message using LipSurf so you can see exactly what it does . any suggestions for how to fix this?

And now I’m dictating using dictation mode . The same thing occurs . Please help ! this is incredibly annoying and takes away the value of LipSurf since I have to go back and edit all the text .

Happy New Year, LipSurfers! Any guidance on this issue? I could use your help!

Hi LipSurfers. Please help! This is really very annoying!