Stringing custom shortcuts together

Is there a way to string multiple commands into a single custom shortcut? That is, instead of a shortcut that opens a single web page, I need one that opens one page, then opens a new tab on a different URL, and another and so on – all with a single command.

Apologies if this has been dealt with in a prior forum. I didn’t see posts any that appeared to address it.

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This is possible for some commands currently. Try writing “new tab new tab new tab” as a custom shortcut and you’ll see it opens 3 new tabs. Go to URL is tricky but I think we could make it work in a subsequent version. We do have plans for macro-like features - I think the simplest way would be to write the commands consecutively as if you were to say them: eg. “new tab go to new tab go to new tab go to” Would something like that fit your workflow well?

Thanks, Miko. Speaking the commands consecutively does work. The problem is, they must be uttered rather slowly, giving the software time to load one tab before the next. For my work, I need to open the same list of URLs every day, so what I’m looking for is a macro-type feature that could remember all the specific tabs I need to open each day.

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Joe, I didn’t mean speaking them consecutively. I was talking about as a custom shortcut. So you can say anything eg. “scan news” and map it to “new tab new tab new tab” and that currently works.

If you weren’t aware of the custom shortcut functionality, try clicking the live transcript after saying anything - or saying “add custom shortcut”. There’s further instruction in the tutorial (say “tutorial”)