Tag and click functions broken on Chrome

Thought I’d better raise a new issue because it’s not just Tag that is broken for me, it is Click [anything]. Click [anything] also seems to make Lipsurf hang or lag momentarily i.e. I have mine set to autotranscribe and it ceases doing that for a while, then will some moments later print everything I have just said.

Chrome 115.0.5790.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Win11. Restarted Chrome, restarted operating system, no dice.

Not sure what I can do to help?

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Thanks for the report. We think it’s related to this and are working on a fix: Tag function not working - #5 by Miko

@Scott_Anderson we have a fix coming for this waiting for review from the Google Chrome team, you will be upgraded automatically. Thanks for the report!