Tag function not working

My tag function isn’t working. Is there some way I can correct this? All the other functions work fine I just can’t get the tags to work.

What webpage is it not working on? Did you try restarting Chrome?

I am paying for Premium if that helps at all to prioritize investigating this.

This is also happening to me. Tags stopped working in chrome update version 115. They work fine with Chrome 114 if I delete the latest Chrome and reinstall with the older installer. If I let 114 update to 115 it immediately breaks again. It doesn’t work on any web page. Disabling extensions or restarting the browser doesn’t help.

Confirmed this issue with Chrome 115. We’re working on a fix.

@Eoghan_Farrell @Kathy_Nesler we have a fix coming for this waiting for review from the Google Chrome team, you will be upgraded automatically. Thanks for the report!

Miko, thanks for the fix!