Tags not working on Gmail

The tags blink when I call it but nothing happens in most of the cases like archive , delete snooze etc

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Gmail is getting it’s own plugin in the next version and I will fix the tags issue. Thanks for reporting!

The next version will likely be ready as soon as this weekend.

Hey @Octavio_Cardoso

Excited to show you the new Gmail plugin in v2.5, it’s very powerful (21+ commands) and integrates deeply with Gmail features. Here’s a video tutorial:

Let me know if there’s anything else you need, anything you find lacking :blush:

@Miko thanks for the plugin! it works very well. any chance you can either add support for archiving emails, or point me to the github repo so that i can try and do so myself?

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Yes we can add that in the next version.

cool! really enjoying your product.

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