"under" vs. "Ender" vs. Undo

Here’s an example of something that can be frustrating using this:

I dictate the following sentence:

The link Ender the YouTube video indicates that you can get a 25% discount.

Notice how the word “under” mistyped.

When I select that word “Ender” and say “under” more clearly, it accepts it as the command “undo” and erases the entire sentence that I just dictated.

I normally enunciate my words fairly clearly because I’m used to using tools like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Not sure what can be done about this but just bringing it to your attention.

I have a contingency plan for that. LipSurf will underline in the live-text the words that it uses homophones/similar sounding words for. You will be able to click these words from the live text and either temporarily or permanently disable the homophone.

In regards to this specific problem with undo - it can easily be redone with the “redo” command - in case you weren’t aware of that.