Using lipsurf in slack

I would like to use lipsurf in slack. Can you suggest what commands I should use in order to better utilize slack? Here are the common keyboard shortcuts I don’t understand how to use these with lip surf

these are the most important ones to me:
command K (this is the quick switcher on a mac) then be able to dictate the name or channel i want to open
command shift T (for threads)
Option shift up arrow or down arrow (go to the previous or next unread channel)
Esc (mark as read)
shift escape (mark all as read)

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I think that’s a great idea for a plugin to support next! Thanks for letting me know which commands are most crucial to you. I’ll get started on this next!


Thanks for your patience on this @Jessica_DeVita. We have not forgotten about this feature request, we have just been very busy and the Chrome team has been very slow to publish our updates due to the COVID situation. Will keep you updated.

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No problem! Thank you for the update.