Wake-word issue has been fixed

:rotating_light: Wake-word issue has been fixed

We have fixed a temporary issue with the wake-word as of moments ago. If you were having issues with the wake-word (“hey LipSurf”), please restart Chrome and it should work again as usual.

As a reminder, the wake-word functions completely offline as to respect your privacy. In this case, the wake-word stopped working due to a licensing error with our vendor. When LipSurf initializes, it checks if the license is still valid online, and in this case our vendor mistakenly marked our license as expired.

We will be working closely with the vendor to ensure the unfortunate outage does not occur again!

Wow!! You really did fix it! I was about to give up! I tried 50 times to try to get LipSurf recognized you would not how many words and phrases they will give me. sometimes it was just funny but it seems like a lost cause cuz I could not get anything done. I really love this program! Job well done!


Short version: I found you have to turn off ‘wake word’ and turn it back on to make it functional.

More information: I tried the wake word multiple times after you reported fixing it. It did not work. Finally, tried changing the settings by turning “activation of wake word” on and off and that seemed to solve the problem . This trick may be helpful to others

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Thanks for writing that here. That usually happens if you unplug your microphone and plug it back in because it changes the device id. Nonetheless, we have that on our list to fix.

It also appears that the wake-word activation is lost when the computer sleeps. I have to reactivate when I opened the computer again

I am continuing to experience this problem but I’ve discovered that if you close the Chrome profile and reopen it the Wake word process is now active. (this is faster than going into the LipSurf options and turning off the Wake word and turning it back on)