Wakeword works, dictate does not

I have a on issue on two out of my three machines.

The wake word works - Lipsurf turns on - but then dictation and commands have no effect.

I know the microphone is working because the wake word works, I can collect audio in other tabs, indication and word works fine.

I completely reinstalled Chrome and even with Lipsurf as the only plug-in have the same problem.

Any ideas?

So, no effect whatsoever? You don’t get any transcript showing at the top no matter what you say? If you do get a transcript it just doesn’t turn green?

The wakeword can be set to use a different microphone from the rest of LipSurf. To configure which microphone is used, go here and try changing to different mics, and changing back to the original one if you need to: chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone

Also, the wake-word is offline but the rest requires an internet connection. Ensure that you’re connected as well.

No transcript at all.
My new suspicion is that my software firewall is blocking communication. This would explain why the wakeword works, but otherwise nothing works.
Is there a port that I could ask IT to open?

Okay, just in case this might help someone else, I have confirmed that it’s my business’s is software firewall that’s causing the problem. Specifically, the Zorus deployment agent.

No solution yet, but IT is working on it.

Thank you for your input Miko, but it looks like it’s a problem on my end :slight_smile:

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