WaniKani issues since v4

Since upgrading to v4 I’ve noticed some issues with WK reviews. The latest was obvious enough I figured I should write a report. The transcript is clearly matching the flashcard but it’s not marking as correct:

The log in the dev tools was this:

live-ts.ts new parcel {"type":"tsFromBg","transcript":"人狼","replacements":[],"segmentId":3,"context":["WaniKani Quiz"],"isFinal":true,"timestamp":1626484448491}

Some of the other issues are a little harder to explain, but I feel like I have noticed more issues with recognition of certain readings and vocab, which worked in previous versions. Some examples:

  • LS transcript、WK item (reading)
  • cg、指示 (しじ)
  • cメール、 絞める (しめる)
  • b、備 (び)

There were a few other kanji readings that I can’t remember that LS is hearing as their single letter homophones. It’s totally possible I’m misremembering, but I don’t think it was as big an issue as before v4, so maybe something changed?

The workaround I’ve used in the past for this doesn’t seem to work: click the transcript and submit a correction (not a user shortcut, just a correction with “help LS improve” checkbox) It used to work to click these “mishearing” during WK reviews but LS does not seem to remember any more

These are minor issues but they make WK a little less smooth to use than I remember

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Thanks for those specific examples, we’re looking into it. Is the text turning white? In your screenshot the text is grey, which means it hasn’t hit a minimum confidence threshold. But perhaps it turned white later? Let me know if you notice whether it’s turning white or not on the ones that aren’t being registered correctly like you mentioned. We are going to make it more clear in a subsequent update when the confidence threshold isn’t hit, e.g. by having the transcript shake away instead of slide away.

人狼 came up again in my review this morning, and it did turn white eventually, both a single instance appearing as a transcript (ie “人狼” alone) turned white and multiple strung together after I repeated it (ie something like “人狼人狼人狼”) turned white. But even after repeated utterances LS was ignoring it.

I don’t remember if things like “cg” etc turned white, but will keep an eye out

By the way, this is another thing I noticed yesterday, a WK review timed out and after I clicked to reload, LS was “hearing the wrong language” in other words the extension icon was in the right language (in that specific case Japanese since WK was showing a reading flash card) but the transcript was and the wrong language. I think that the extension had gone to sleep as well, but not 100% on that. It eventually resolved itself after a minute of inactivity without a restart, which was similar to the behavior I saw last year when this happened (I think it was some performance issue then?)

But it happened again just now, in the same browser session after I finish a short WK review session (no timeouts). But this time I had switched to this tab and was trying to dictate this response:

There didn’t seem to be any way out of this except to restart Chrome, turning LS on and off didn’t do anything. I’m almost certain I haven’t seen this problem for a long time, so could maybe be related to v4

FWIW I think I only got the latest v4.0.3 just now after restarting Chrome

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Seems related to something we’ve already fixed in v4.1. It usually happens when the language changes while LipSurf is paused or off. If it happens again, try changing the language to what LipSurf was last recognizing in the options while LipSurf is off, then turn LipSurf back on.

Thanks for the reports! They’re very useful and we’re handling them!

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All of these issues have been fixed in v4.1 and we’ve updated our tests. Most were regressions but the problem with “人狼” was that it simply isn’t in the IPA dictionary. We’ve fixed that too though. Thanks for the report again!

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Fixed in the now available v4.1.0, you will be automatically updated shortly or you can easily force the update to happen immediately.