"WaniKani Lesson" shortcut is impossible to trigger

Firstly, the English parser can barely understand “WaniKani” 1/5 of the time (which makes sense, this isn’t an English word after all). But even when it DOES get WaniKani properly, because “WaniKani” itself is a shortcut to reviews it will always immediately take me to reviews before it can parse the full request to take me to lessons.

I’d recommend making “WaniKani review” the full syntax rather than just the single word to fix this. Additionally, adding an easier to parse shorthand for the interpreter would be nice. Maybe “Crab gator lessons/review”?

As an aside, the reason I was hoping to use LipSync to navigate to lessons itself is that, when I navigate there manually, it will interact with the page (kind of, it will enter the text in the field but it wont advance by itself, causing me to need to say next to go to the next prompt), as well as, after 5 minutes in lessons it will disable itself, as nothing it is doing is apparently counting as real inputs to it?

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If you go to the options, you’ll see that there are alternatives similar to what you suggested for going to reviews vs lessons:

You also can make your own at any time by adding a custom shortcut. Just click the live text, or say “add custom shortcut” or add one via the options.

You should install the userscript/tampermonkey script for that. Together they work flawlessly and it’s the setup I have:

Hmm, this is something that was fixed before but I suppose the wanikani code has changed and it’s creeped up again. We’ll work on the fix!


I actually do have this already, it works perfectly in reviews and not at all in lessons. I guess this is a problem on their end though and not yours, as I completely forgot this script was used in tandem with lipsync.