Wanikani lightning mode

Ever since using LipSurf I’ve been using a lightning mode plug-in alongside it, currently using Wanikani Double-Check

This mostly works but recently there seems to be a bad interaction like a race condition: I’ll say the correct answer for one card, LipSurf accept it and inputs it, lightning mode goes to the next card, but then LipSurf attempts to input the same answer, which of course is wrong for the second card. But since the text has been entered in the text box, it’s quite challenging to fix this situation with LipSurf alone, and not resort to using the keyboard. I had to try to switch to english, then switch to dictation mode to select and delete the text, but this wasn’t working, LipSurf was deleting the text but also inputting “delete” in the textbox

I normally wouldn’t complain about something like this but does seem to happen more frequently, twice in 50 cards items just now, so with a usual workload of wanikani it sometimes happen multiple times a day for me. Aside from being annoying, I try to limit my keyboard use as much as possible to avoid pain. So my other option is to turn LipSurf off and temporarily switch Talon on in order to clean up…

is there a better lightning mode that works with LipSurf? if not it would be great if LipSurf had its own lightning mode, I assume it wouldn’t run into problems like this

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@michiakig thanks for the detailed report!

Yes, I understand exactly what is happening here. Actually, there is code in the WK plugin to guard against sending an answer for a previous question. But it’s imperfect without the timestamp of when the transcript came in. (With that, we could just compare when the question changed with the transcript timestamp).

But since you have the double-check script, we can just make the WK plugin clear the answer input if it sees that the answer wasn’t accepted. I will try that and get back to you, post the plugin here if it works and finally include it in the next release for everyone if it works well for you too.

@michiakig I’ve just sent you a PM with an updated version of the plugin that should fix this. Let me know how it fairs for you!

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I haven’t had any issues since installing the new version, thanks!!

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Great! The fix will be standard in upcoming v4.0.0.