WaniKani Mode Force?

Is there a way to force WaniKani Mode? I need it for my WaniKani Custom decks.

It goes into WK mode based on the URL. What’s the URL? How do the custom decks work? Can you show me so we can have a look if it will work?

Sorry for the delay. This website uses the same “wanakana” script.

We use access tokens to enter.

I just had a look. It’s a completely different site and works differently internally. The only way to get it to work would be to make a custom plugin. This has been done before by some of our users (e.g. for kaniwani, bunpro, and kitsun.io)

It wouldn’t be too difficult to adapt one of those plugins to fit with this site.

The plugin could start small, by just getting answers to input and requiring the user to manually say “submit” when ready. Later it could add the more advanced things, like automatically submitting the answer if it’s correct after X time…

That’s what I figured. Thank you for your effort.

I will try to devise something.

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