WaniKani Show Answer After 3 Strikes

The option “Show Answer After 3 Strikes” works for English but not for Japanese. Is there a trick to make it function for both languages?

Sorry if this was already answered elsewhere.

Sometimes with Japanese it takes more than 3 wrong answers. Because with Japanese what’s considered an answer is complex because of the lack of spacing between words we need to do some guesswork breaking up your answer into hiragana. Can you try giving it a few extra answers to see if it appears?

Sorry, I meant the opposite. When I turn it off, English is off but Japanese shows after 3 strikes. I don’t want it to show after 3 strikes.

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Confirmed in v4.1.2, will be fixed in the next version will be released shortly. Thanks for the report!

Fixed in v4.2.0 which was released earlier today. We’ve also added a “show hint”/“ヒント” command. Thanks for your report!

Awesome! Thank you so much.

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