Was the help pop up reformatted?

Wonder if this is a bug or something wrong locally on my browser, or if it was an intentional redesign:

If this is a redesign, I would strongly encourage going back. The way this is formatted you cannot scroll to see more of the help without using the mouse, which sort of defeats the purpose of the extension :slight_smile:
Unless I’m missing something. Saying “down” moves the main page, not the help

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@michiakig thanks for noticing!

Yes, moving it to the side was an intentional design change, (but the broken scroll was not!) But don’t fret, because the new version v2.14.0 being released this week has huge improvements to the help and is definitely completely accessible via voice – and more.

I’ll keep you posted!

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This was fixed a while back with “scroll help down” and “scroll help up” commands. Also soon there will be the ability to have the help in a separate window. Marking this thread as solved :slight_smile: