Works bit differently in latest chrome updates?

Maybe there is a better way to use it, however on all my chrome browsers LipSurf behaves weirdly: the microphone icon in the tray area (ChromeOS) expanding and contracting resulting in “Quick Start icons” moving left and right all the time. I tried disabling surflip and using it only with the “talk to speak key” but the same thing is happening. Is this a bug or an inconvenience, is there simply a better way to use it?

Are you on linux or some flavor of Ubuntu? What OS are you on?

ChromeOS on all devices

ChromeOS is a bit glitchy lately, few devices updated, few didnt although they keep prompting me to do that. Now I installed lipsurf again, and I am using it with a “push to talk” key - so far so good. But I only tested one computer now after i had issues described above