WTB Option To Nuke Custom Homosyns From Orbit WITHOUT Factory Reset

Okay, so every so often I manage to completely screw up a custom homosyn attempt. So, for example, one thing that repeatedly drives me battier then I am on the regular is that when I try to say something like, “during this period of time”, it will come out as: “during this. Of time”. Since if I simply say “during this literal period of time” it … doesn’t actually send anything to the text entry field… I instead attempted to create a shortcut, and for once my natural proclivity towards laziness will be of benefit to the tech folk and their troubleshooting, so here I shall give you the image of my custom shortcuts in my LipSurf options.aelin shortcut screwup eleventy thousand five hundred and forty two

I know I’m incredibly talented at breaking things, particularly when I’m trying to do something that I think sounds terribly clever, but, inevitably works out to function in an unexpected Manner, and I then realized as I am staring in horror at my screen, that, with apologies to Britney Spears, “Oops, I did it again, typed it out, watched it restart… FML, now I’m lost and insane”… and I promise not to parody the rest. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, my problem here is that I cannot seem to find a way to wipe out my current custom shortcuts unless I nuke the entire freaking settings and revert to factory. I really don’t like doing that, I’ve done it far too many times. Is there possibly some way around this, where I can reset only my custom shortcuts? Please? If I have to like, drop on my knees and beg, I have hit the point where I would do so in a millisecond.

Help? Please?

Custom shortcuts are being completely overhauled in LipSurf v4 which is almost ready. You will have the ability to remove specific shortcuts and make more advanced ones as well. In the meantime, you can always just turn off the custom shortcuts you don’t want using the checkbox in the options.


And, sorry, I should have specified the reason I was asking is because the pesky thing periodically re-enables whatever I’ve unchecked. I’ve tried to determine what the trigger for that might be, but I’ve not had any luck there. However, it sounds like a moot point, since the new version is on the way.

(me, over here bouncing in chair like an overexcited small child who has devoured way too much sugar for their own good. ^_^)

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