Capitalize or Uncapitalize

I noticed that sometimes Lipsurf will incorrectly either capitalize or not capitalize a word or phrase, which then requires manual effort to correct the problem. What we need is the ability to select the word or phrase, and simply say “cap that” or “uncap that” to make it correct. This is a standard feature in Dragon Naturally Speaking, so if it was included here it would help you displace that as a competitor.

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Review this for the details:

For example, when I read the following sentence, talking about how stocks are at historic highs and ready to fall:

This makes them ripe for a dramatic Fall From Grace.

… It incorrectly capitalizes fall from grace.

I would like to select those three words and just say uncap that to make them uncapitalized.

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Or conversely, when I say something like:

The power trend system is one of the most exciting products ever developed.

… in this case, it should be " … Power Trend System …"

It would be nice to simply select those three words and say cap that to make it right.

Sometimes I even get a random capitalized word for example, why is “Simply” capitalized when I say this:

It would be nice to Simply select those three words and say cap that to make it right


I’ll put capitalize/lowercase commands in the next version.

I’m not seeing that issue. When I say that phrase capitalization is correct. How exactly are you saying the sentence? Are you pausing at any point before the end? Mind sharing a screencast?

Capitalize/lowercase commands are coming in v2.7 which I will release tomorrow. Any other things you’ve noticed in the interim that you’d like improved?

v2.7 has capitalize and uncapitalize. They can be used in both dictation and normal mode. Let me know what you think!

I’m finding that this new feature is intermittent. Sometimes it will do what I want it to do, while other times it actually changes the word to be “capitalize” overriding the word that was supposed to be used. I think in Dragon Naturally Speaking the command is “cap that” or “uncap that” which eliminates the ambiguity.

Do you recall what situations would change it to “capitalize”? The one way I can imagine it happening would be if you were in dictation mode and said something more than just “capitalize” like “capitalize that”.

I’ve always only said capitalized or uncapitalize. It has been somewhat intermittent. I just noticed I can also simply say uppercase or lowercase, so I will experiment keep you informed.

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It may have been a typo, but “capitalized” (past tense), wont work by default - only “capitalize” or “uppercase”.

Yes, that was just a typo on my part. However, when I am dictating and say capitalize, it often understands it as capitalized. Even when I really focus on the enunciation of the word, it still comes out as capitalized. So, I’ve given up on that command and now just use uppercase or lowercase. Another Dragon Naturally Speaking style option that you might consider is to have a command that is “cap that” or “uncap that.” but for now, I’m fine with just saying uppercase or lowercase.

@Steve_Peterson, those problems can be instantly amended with a custom shortcut. I will add “capitalized” as a default.