Disable or customize capitalization in dictation?

I wonder if it would be possible to have a custom capitalization in dictation? What I would really like to do is simply disable all capitalization, probably on a per domain basis, accept where explicitly requested for (“capital X”)

The reason is that I run into this problem of inconsistent mid-sentence capitalization quite frequently. A lot of my use of lip surf during the workday is in Slack, and I end up posting a message that looks weird. (and because Slack has a short window for edits, I don’t always catch the error, causing some minor distress/embarrassment)

I know about uncapitalize but it will be tedious because often the erroneous capitalization will be a multi word phrase, I would rather correct individual words with capitalize


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This is definitely possible. I can imagine maybe a capitalization mode - maybe in one of three states:

  1. normal - as it is now, guesses some proper nouns
  2. lowercase - only capitalizes beginning of sentences, doesn’t try to guess proper nouns
  3. strict lowercase - lowercase everything

Or how where you imagining it?

Yeah that’s pretty much what I was thinking. The proper nouns thing is the real problem, it’s definitely clever and gets a lot of things right, but there’s just enough misses to be frustrating. Personally I would rather just use #3 and have to think up front about capitalization

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