How to use LipSurf when browser is playing music

Hi. Sorry for creating so many posts over the last month!

My question today is how to get Lipsurf to work when I’m listening to music through the same browser that is running LipSurf? Any help would be appreciated.


I have been using LipSurf without an external headset or mic, just using the built-in mic in my computer. Usually it works fine. (I like it this way because I can listen to music from my computer quietly without having it piped directly into my ears.)

LipSurf has been working great even when music is playing on the computer, but only if the music is coming from a separate app on the computer (iTunes, mostly).

When the music is coming from the Chrome browser (the browser in which I am using LipSurf), LipSurf does not recognize my voice at all. Nothing I say appears in the top part of the screen where the LipSurf speech recognition displays, nothing is dictated, and no voice commands are activated.

This is NOT a matter of the music volume. I turned the browser music down so low that I can barely hear, and still Lipsurf will not work. And I turned the iTunes volume up a fair amount, and LipSurf still does work (although of course if the music is too loud, the speech engine is less accurate).

It is also not a matter of which service is playing the music. LipSurf works when music is playing through the stand-alone Pandora app, but not through the Pandora website.

Thank you!!!

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Hi Laura, this sounds like this issue: Lip Surf not working in certain scenarios Can you take a look at that thread to see if anything there solves it? If not,

  1. Are you on a Chromebook? What version of Chrome OS are you running.
  2. Do you have no headphones mode enabled?