I can't get “press alt+/” to work in Google Docs

A powerful strategy in Google Docs is using alt+/ to access a listing of all menu options from which a choice can be made by text search. I want to use this in LipSurf. However I have been unable to create a custom shortcut to work with output “press alt+/”

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Hi Stephen, thanks for putting specific details about what you needed to do here. As of Chrome 98, many special key combinations no longer work for plain old Chrome extensions (including LipSurf). But fear not, because we’ve been testing a desktop companion app for LipSurf internally, which will guarantee that all key combinations work, this will be working again in Chrome 98+. We will keep you posted about the desktop companion app.

Would you mind letting us know what OS you are on? So far it supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Miko, thanks.I use Windows 10.I’d be happy to be a beta tester for the desktop companion app if you would like

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@Stephen_Shaw we have a beta version of the Desktop companion app. Please give it a go! We tested this shortcut in particular and it worked: Desktop Companion App | LipSurf

Thank you for encouraging me to try the beta version of the desktop companion. I have done so and report PARTIAL success in my initial evaluation.

I have created the shortcut Match phrase: “window 3” Output “press cmd+3”. It works from the LipSurf new tab. (this appears to be due to the companion, since the same shortcut does not work in a profile without companion.)

But this shortcut does NOT work from a Google Document unless you prefix it with “normal mode” every time you use it.

Also I have failed to get the shortcut Match phrase: “command menu” Output “press alt+/” to work at all in Google Documents.

Please advise

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@Stephen_Shaw I’ve confirmed the issue about the shortcuts not working in dictation mode. We’ll get that fixed. About the “press alt+/” I’ve just tried it again, and it’s working for me (as long as I’m in Normal Mode - same issue as above) I think the issue might be focus. For “alt+/” to work in Google Docs, you must be focused on the page. Can you try focusing on the doc, then say “normal mode” then “command menu” - just to see if that works? I think since that menu item is picky about focus, that we can make a better custom shortcut for you, that doesn’t use press [key] but instead looks at the element on the page to press.

Thanks for raising the question about “focus”.
I’ve explored further and there seem to be two problems.
The Alt+/ shortcut gets closer to working if you issue the command when the menus are hidden (Ctrl/Shift/F)
But there is a second problem that the LipSurf movement to the “search menus” box suppresses the menu-driven drop-down when you subsequently dictate a partial choice such as “use”
Thanks for suggesting the possibility of a custom shortcut to handle it properly.

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@Stephen_Shaw Thanks for letting us know how this has been fairing! I don’t understand what you mean here by the “LipSurf movement” and dictating a partial choice? Could you send us a screencast (e.g. via loom.com) or let us know in more detail what you mean by this?

Either way, we’re making a separate command so that menu can be reached without the keyboard shortcut which should be more durable in this case.