I can't get “press alt+/” to work in Google Docs

A powerful strategy in Google Docs is using alt+/ to access a listing of all menu options from which a choice can be made by text search. I want to use this in LipSurf. However I have been unable to create a custom shortcut to work with output “press alt+/”

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Hi Stephen, thanks for putting specific details about what you needed to do here. As of Chrome 98, many special key combinations no longer work for plain old Chrome extensions (including LipSurf). But fear not, because we’ve been testing a desktop companion app for LipSurf internally, which will guarantee that all key combinations work, this will be working again in Chrome 98+. We will keep you posted about the desktop companion app.

Would you mind letting us know what OS you are on? So far it supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Miko, thanks.I use Windows 10.I’d be happy to be a beta tester for the desktop companion app if you would like