LipSurf stops detecting mic suddenly during Wanikani

My problem is similar to a previous post from May. I’ll be doing Wanikani reviews and all of a sudden i stop seeing live transcriptions and I notice the icon on my windows taskbar saying “Chrome is using your mic” disappears. Nothing I say is interpreted until I turn LipSurf off and on again, which defeats its purpose.

I do not have any custom commands. I do use the Wanikani Lightning mode script alongside this. I’m running version 4.0.3. I’ve followed the “Not working” help section and have confirmed that both Windows and Chrome are able to detect my mic.

Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Thanks for the report! We’ve had others about WaniKani and have already fixed a handful of issues that will be released with v4.1. This issue in particular we’ll do more testing for, but it may have already been handled by the other fixes. Thanks for your patience!

Fixed in the now available v4.1.0, you will be automatically updated shortly or you can easily force the update to happen immediately.